Also, does the Rockbox firmware make these things more reliable, or is the hardware itself unreliable? This thing does power on, you can hear the hard drive turning, but it does not do anything else. Their default firmware contains a number of extremely high profile data corruption bugs. I can’t speak to the sound quality, I’ll let an audiophile do that. Delivery Options see all. I wonder if any new digital devices with mic input have come out lately — a couple years ago the field wasn’t too broad for hard drive ones.

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Smaller than the Archos, same recording ability, same FM radio, but only 40GB and smaller form factor.

I also seem to recall reading somewhere on the Rockbox site that it spins up the hard-drive less while recording than the Archos firmware does, but I haven’t really made any recordings since downloading Rockbox. External Hard Drive Function. You may even be able to sell your iPod. Please provide a valid price range. I’m now on my second and recorddr flaky as well. USB cable, software kit.

Audio System Audio Formats. You May Also Like. A sweet deal on Lightning earphones, a sweet deal on a car charger and a free game! You can play games on it! If that’s not a problem, it will be the cheapest. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. You can find some jewels of wisdom in the forums.

I upgraded the HD in mine to a 60GB, and then it got stolen at my university. Without it it’ll likely be a giant pain to transfer your data at any significant rate.

Archos Jukebox Recorder 15

THe jukebox recorders recording input options are a built-in mic monowhich is about dicta-phone quality, digital input stereoand analogue line-in stereo. Great concept for recording, but when the chips are down I’d rather depend on something more dependable. I bought an archos jukebox 20 GB to take it on a long backpacking trip with me, to dump pictures from digital cameras onto.

You may record your lectures only to find them useless. I just about hurled the damn thing across the room after it recorrder destroyed a half-hour set of live music this way. Is Archos the way to go? USB only, so large file transfers wil be slow 1 megabyte per second.

Archos Jukebox Recorder: Ideal for student musician? – recording cheap | Ask MetaFilter

Archos Jukebox Studio I don’t want to spend much money. They had to have known, because the probability of getting a corruption is so high. I have a flash based player ma theirs that certainly will not meet your requirements, but I just wanted to say I am extremely impressed with their build and software quality.

There is a lot of info from Creative users at the active community Nomadness.

Probably more likely to have a good working life, too. Don’t forget about Creative.

Storage Capacity see all. The jukebod control on the things is terrible. It’s a so-so mp3 player without it, but with Rockbox I can’t imagine anything better.

I jumebox want one of these: Yes they have a firmware upgrade. Without the preamp, you’ll have to turn up the gain, meaning a noisier recording.