What Notebook Should I Buy? November 14th, 1. Windows 7 IT Pro. Create a small partition ext3 or ext4 on one of the HDs. I could try that I use RAID0, but all the data is automagically copied to my servers whenever I have an active internet connection.

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The desktop class features continue with the storage options as the M offers full RAID support, and can accommodate two hard drives without having to sacrifice the slot load DVD burner. Strangely, when I ran Partition Magic against it, PM showed a partition address error on starting up and asked if it should correct the error. Tuesday, December 13, 8: Thanks in advance rell your help. I have lost hard disks in laptops in the past, but thankfully with my automagic backups, it is just a matter of sticking in a new drive, restoring an image and letting the “automagic” do its stuff.

When I returned the corrected disk to rajd M, it automatically rebuilt the raid. Best Regards, Tao Please remember eell mark the replies as answers if they help.

Installing from with LiveCD environment, install claimed to succeed with this partitioning, then on restart it said it could not find the root environment; installing when booting from CD, install failed as before, but now GRUB tries to start but immediately produces an “Error 15” message.

Take a look at the following from the Ubuntu Community Documentation and see if it helps: The Raid Array is shown as GB, bootable. However, the keyboard does not have the same solid feel as the HP and flexes in use, which was disappointing.

I do about MB, although could be less.

PhotoGeekJul 10, If I boot from the Ubuntu install CD, and select “boot rell first hard drive”. November 15th, 4. The time now is I use RAID0, but all the data is automagically copied to my servers whenever I have an active internet connection. All this using the alternative install CD, amd November 17th, However, due to the size and weight, portability is not exactly its strong point.

November 15th, 5.

M6400 Raid Drive Failure

I love it when a system works like it is supposed to! I do RAID 0 on my root partition and not elsewhere. The argument against RAID 0 — for those concerned with points of failure — is that if either drive fails, you lose all your data.

Not to worry, it is just a differentiation from true hardware RAID that you would find in the server community. You can easily test the change if you want.

Windows 7 RAID 1 SSD Upgrade Latency

Can anyone suggest a suitable partitioning setup for a GB array? Office Office Exchange Server. RAID 1 prevents against single disk failure but doesn’t prevent against an errant ‘delete’ command, nor other runtime corruptions of data. I posted this mainly as a warning to you Raid 0 people. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Of course, since we use Raid 1, the laptop still runs fine and eell do have a scheduled backup every day to the pair of 16TB servers in our basement. Remove From My Forums.

Dell Precision M

Afterwards, my signal chain exhibited severe latency, drop outs, clicks, and pops, making recording impossible. Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. Join Date Nov Beans 9.