What are your thoughts on the music business of today? What would happen if a giant robot found himself at a stadium rock concert? But when I listen to the songs on this record and the themes that are woven through it, I think I would have been lying to my audience if I kept the personal stuff out. I was going for the all-out riff on that one. I have to know when to leave something alone.

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But all is not metaphysical on Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock any album weighted with such a title has to have some fun. I hear both chords as being over C.

To me, 10 songs felt right.

But yeah, I think if their interest in music is there, the games can fan the flames in a positive way. It was a song I thought I was writing about one thing when, in fact, I was writing about something else. Riffs are funny things: People overdrived recording large groups of people is no biggie: What I oveerdriver was, I used the split-coil on the JS to give me this humbucking kind of sound.

I want thick grooves. I have to know when to leave something alone.

Joe Satriani – Overdriver Podcast – video dailymotion

Like its subject matter, the datriani seems to travel through a fog until it becomes lighter and brighter. I certainly would have been lying to myself.

I was going for the all-out riff on that one. It got me close to the way Asik sings. But Guitar Hero and Rock Band are fun and light hearted, and they have great music on them, a lot of music from my generation.

I want to figure out how to do some long, improvised songs. Change always happens, especially in music. His phrasing is all his own.

Of course, those kids will find that playing a real guitar is a lot harder than manipulating a overfriver I want an eclectiveness to it.

I picked extremely light. Amid all the wham-bam guitar gonz and the squeals and whoops that never fail to elicit head-shaking awe, Satriani injects heaping doses of humanity. That will never, ever change. Joe Satriani built his overdricer on awe-inspiring supernatural talent for shredalicious guitar work. I guess it would come up eventually. It totally rocked with the humor of the song.

I had found out that a close friend, Steve Morse, had his father pass away rather suddenly, and it inspired me to write this overdeiver of music. Also, I want to push distortion to a new level. GW You have some typically rocking Joe Satriani songs, too. I wanna rock with you! But the amp was cranked as loud as it could go, so the notes really rang out.


And those albums they do buy, whether online or as hard CDs, they pick and choose the songs they want. I struggle with a lot of them.

I stated playing these two chords on the piano. I remember when I was playing in high school bands and it seemed as if there was no place to play and try to make a living.