Now I have to buy them separately for more money. The floor pedals are constructed out of a similarly durable, lightweight plastic with a steel tread plate texture. The only observable variation is the reallocation of the PS3 home button in place of the F button. Officially licensed by Ferrari and as a controller for virtual racing games on your PC and PS3, the Racing Wheel showcases numerous features to give you the competitive edge. Thrustmaster Ferrary GT overview. The Ferrari GT Experience is no exception, pairing modest pricing with reliable quality.

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Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience (2960697) Racing Wheel

However, for someone just getting their feet wet or choosing to play arcade racers, this is the perfect setup for them. Another contributing factor to the impracticality of lap-top use is the Ferrari GT Experience’s wheel resistance. Skip to main content. Beyond the steering wheel, there are two pedals, two gearshift levers, a D-Pad, 10 buttons, thrustmaster ferrari gt experience a home button for your Playstation 3. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition.

You can start immediately once you connect any of these. The tabletop-mounting clamp is essentially the only effective way thrustmaster ferrari gt experience use the Ferrari GT Experience. Nintendo Switch Thrustmaster ferrari gt experience Black Controller The absence of ergonomic curvature at the base paired with a comparably light weight makes lap-top use of the Ferrari GT Experience next to impossible.

Now I have to buy them separately for more money. Officially licensed by Ferrari and as a controller for virtual racing games on your PC and PS3, the Racing Wheel showcases numerous features to give you the competitive edge.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience () Racing Wheel | eBay

Thrustmaster ferrari gt experience problem we encountered with the Ferrari GT Experience was its very unstable set of floor pedals. It’s built sturdy and functions great. When the road gives you curves, traffic, pileups, raging drivers, and dead-heats, Thrustmaster gives thrustmaster ferrari gt experience an exacting solution: For instance, if you’ve expereince to “high sensitivity” mode on your wheel, the LED will flash slowly.

The pads prove to thrustmawter marginally effective on flat hard surfaces like tile or wood but are otherwise useless. There is a special PlayStation button to make moving through screens easier on the PlayStation 2 and 3.

Most relevant reviews See all 10 reviews. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Unfortunately, few titles with exception to Motorstorm and Burnout Paradise support rumble feedback.

You may also like. With the wheel, you can adjust its responsiveness between two modes, “normal sensitivity” and “high sensitivity.

We would have liked to have seen a little more viability for lap use, however, the Ferrari GT Experience remains a solid table-mountable racing wheel. The button mapping comes in handy when playing titles that lack intricate in-game controller customization. Good for a non force feed back work with most games the only thing is the wheel has some wobble maybe because it thrustmaster ferrari gt experience a force feed back wheel other then that good wheel Verified purchase: Constructed with reasonably durable plastic and rubber textured coating for tnrustmaster grip, the Ferrari GT feels solid in your hands.

For titles that do, however, the button mapping thrustmaster ferrari gt experience gerrari in-game customization make for finely tuned personalization. Fine-Tuning Your Machine The functions for the 11 buttons, D-Pad, thrustmaster ferrari gt experience pedals and 2 gearshift levers can be relocated between each other so that you can figure out what settings work best for you Increased Pedal Control and Comfort Ideal for heel and two racing moves, the pedals are setup so that you can incrementally or suddenly apply pressure to accelerate or brake while a footrest allows you to relax your feet and operate comfortably Realistic Ferrari-Style Gear Shift Levers Located on the wheel are two gear shift levers modeled after those in actual Ferrari GT cars Self-Centering Steering Wheel with Realistic Resistance Like actual modern-day steering wheels, this one will offer some resistance particularly when you make hard or soft turns.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Review – IGN

About this product Product Description The Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Racing Wheel is designed to make you feel like you are racing on an thrustmaster ferrari gt experience track without leaving the comfort of your living room. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Unfortunately to that end, the number of next-gen console racing wheels on the market is still incredibly small, especially thrustmaster ferrari gt experience the PS3.

The built-in motors were responsive and ideally subtle, adding a great level of immersion to the title without being overpowered or distracting. Use on any form of carpet will only result in the pedals sliding away from your feet, especially for those with a lead foot. I find it does not work with a lot of games either.

However, in our trials the Ferrari GT Experience’s force-feedback gave us thrustmaster ferrari gt experience long awaited taste of what the PS3 has been missing.

Thrustmaster Ferrary GT overview.