Here in the Memory Timing Setting page we see a fairly robust collection of memory settings for us to tweak. Looking at the layout of this board we see XFX adhering to the reference design right down to the xfx i ultra transistor. I feel this is essential with any motherboard and is an omission likely to get XFX more returns without one. This is a good thing in my opinion as everything is well spaced out. Next we have the Advanced BIOS Features where we can setup the order we want our drives to boot up and select if we have any removable drives we want to use for boot up. All items sold are not exchangeable or refundable. The i motherboard is arranged in a LGA socket, and accepts Intel processors.

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Again notice that the SouthBridge is devoid of cooling, which is slightly unusual. Minicomp Detailed Seller Rating. There shouldn’t be any trouble with those pesky couriers then! Looking at these numbers we see how strong the architecture of Core 2 Duo really is. Xfx i ultra only do the boxes serve to protect but they also serve to inform. The i board really gives this chip room to run and overclocking it just increases the xfx 650i ultra power.

Opening up the box reveals the standard xfx 650i ultra.

This is where our overclocking takes place and we can set our clock speeds and voltages as necessary. The option to link or unlink the memory easily on the nForce series is a pretty decent feature and allows you to use whatever RAM you feel you want to while considering the poor voltage adjustments Apart from that the XFX xfx 650i ultra Ultra motherboard xfx 650i ultra a pretty bog standard nVidia series affair.

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Closed This item has ended. Xfx 650i ultra, specifications and availability of products are subject to utlra without prior notice. Unless of course it is from a well established company like XFX. The second point of concern, although a minor one, is worth pointing xfx 650i ultra. Continuing with the trend no abnormalities were observed during GPU testing.

Specification The specs of the board are as follows: Cool review Xfc find it wierd that people are talking about mobo’s or hardware in general when they mention ‘colour schemes’ etc Reminds me of this thread Quote:. Subscribing to the OC3D xfx 650i ultra will keep you up-to-date on the latest technology reviews, competitions and goings-on at Overclock3D.

XFX i Ultra –

Warranty xfx 650i ultra without the item not completed as full set during the item sell. XFX has decided to take their xfx i ultra xfx 650i ultra push the limits and their customer support in the arena of motherboards.

Unless of course it is from a well established company like XFX. I am excited to say that during my time with the i Ultra from XFX I never encountered any problems that existed in xfx 650i ultra other versions.

All items sold are not exchangeable or refundable. The 6-series brings with it rock solid performance, superior overclocking options and a multitude of configurations. Doing exactly what it sounds like we can increase the voltage for different components to help increase performance.

XFX nForce i Ultra Intel Main (end 4/28/ PM)

xfx 650i ultra That a company well known for world class video cards is going to offer xfx 650i ultra motherboard packed with features at a price many of us can afford? Aside from these rather minor installation issues this board was a breeze to setup and fit quite easily into my case. If you run into any problems, just drop us a message on the forums.

Integrated Peripherals 8-Channel 7.

XFX 650i Ultra Socket 775 Motherboard

Nice review, glad you pointed out the green! Package Inside the box XFX provide you with: In recent years the word value has come to be a polite way to describe xffx product that is cut down and xfx 650i ultra little in the way of features for a low cost.

Last but certainly not least we come to the System Monitor xfx 650i ultra. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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